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Angelo Renna

Lesser Houses

Every now and then, you probably see a little creature around your home. Ants find their way to food that’s left out, spiders spin cobwebs in quiet corners of a room, and ladybugs occasionally appear near to windows where water condenses. But those one you see are only a little part of it. There are in fact around 100 different species of spiders, insects, centipedes, and bugs that inhabit our home. According to the results of a  biodiversity survey published in the journal Peer-J in January 2018. “The fact that people don’t see these creatures goes to show they interact with us very little”, Bertone said, an entomologist at the North Carolina state university. Lesser House highlights the remarkable diversity of life around us, which few of us notice on a day- to-day basis. It is a series of houses for bugs and  insects in search of a place.
published by Gluqbar Editions