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Hunter Doyle / Sofia Belenky

Flight Mode

Over the last decade dwelling patterns have undergone a seemingly drastic shift towards much more flexible and fluid systems of occupancy. While on one hand these changes appear to be the product of contemporary financial markets and communications technologies on the other they can be understood within a broader history of territorial ownership.
Leaving the nest.

The American ‘Dream’ of home ownership is dead. The idea of the estate has changed. The ambition of massing large tracts of land has shifted to a more fractional and dispersed accumulation, taking with it the notion of security and exchange.

Seasonal relocation is en vogue. With the precarity and flexibility of the freelance online office, we are migrating more than ever, flying towards the work flow and fairer pastures.

‘In the future we will all be homeless’

Home is where the heart is. Home is a project. The home projects.The once primitive hut has gone from machine a penser to machine a connecter. Considering the question of housing today we begin to understand and anticipate values that are ‘priced-in’ to our idea of domestic space and occupancy. The nest, not just a simple product of external consequences, desires and reactions, but instead the nest is active, projecting future scenarios. Home set to ‘Away Mode.

published by Gluqbar Editions